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 Ben Speaks… creating a culture where youth and families have access to the resources and support they need to empower themselves.
Ben Speaks provides positive channels of expression and empowerment for a whole person approach to wellness through clinical and holistic resources and education.
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Power of Choice Presentation inspires youth at the middle, high school & college level teaching resilience, accountability & empowerment tools.

Leadership Training

Power of Choice Leadership Training Program for parents, educators & coaches to learn a proven method to train and develop young leaders to access their creative and entrepreneurial gifts and make their contribution to the world.

Resource Office

Our resource office offers many unique programs for youth & families and provides resources for prevention of self harm and mental health challenges.

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Support group for siblings

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A Virtual Platform for all forms of art & musical expression.


Westfield State College

Excellent – over the top – This all makes a lot of sense. My eyes have definitely been opened.


Owner - Plugged In Teen Bands

Watching Judy give these presentations was an incredibly impressive and deeply moving experience...


Bridgewater State College

Positive, Peaceful, Honest. This workshop centers the soul and mind and brings forth our potential in an effective way.

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