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"I just want to thank you again for visiting and sharing with our kids.  I wanted to let you know the feedback I got from the counselors after camp today was very positive.  They thought it was a very appropriate presentation for Prana, and greatly appreciated you sharing your personal story. We all felt it was a good starting point for conversation with the campers."


- Roberta Weiner, director of the Prana Center



“Watching Judy give these presentations was an incredibly impressive and deeply moving experience. In each of the presentations, the children were engaged, had their hearts and minds open, were compassionate, attentive, honest, present and grateful. Judy was able to reach them in a way I have never seen an adult be able to do when talking to a group of teenagers. They had never met her before, yet they opened themselves up to her and trusted her. Judy has had many obstacles to overcome in her life. A year ago, Judy lost her 18 year old son to suicide. Judy shared just enough of her life story to the children to connect with and engage them, but not too much as to upset them. Judy talked with the students about gratitude, about the power of positive thinking, about how positive thoughts about themselves and others creates emotional and physical strength and how negative thoughts about themselves and others result in emotional and physical weakness and stress. She talked about not only having positive thoughts, but also about the importance of positive action. She led exercises with the children that showed them that they all shared the same feelings, fears and experiences and how their collective positive thoughts and actions could make a significant difference in the world.

Judy is a natural, humble, kind and compassionate leader. She never lost control of the audience. Nor were any of the children disruptive. The children respected her, trusted her and felt compassion for her. Judy was successful in reaching the true selves of the students. The teachers who observed the presentation were also deeply moved and impressed. Many teachers and students came up to Judy afterwards to thank her and told her how helpful the experience was. After the presentation, one student approached a school administrator and said, "You brought her here for me, didn’t you?

I truly believe if every school invited Judy to present her workshops/presentations to the students, there would be less bullying, teen suicide, depression and drug use and more powerful, confident, happy, healthy, compassionate and loving children.”

- Sandra Pugh, owner of Plugged In Teen Bands, A non-profit organization in Needham, Ma., Presentation at St. Joe’s Middle School - Needham

"Dear Ms. Judy, I just wanted to tell you how amazing your presentation at my school was. It really changed everyone’s point of view on the subject – even the tough and popular kids were changed, I could tell. We never got to complete the hands and feet portion but we were all still talking about it long after you were there! You really made a difference at our school and I hope you will continue telling other kids and schools this message."

- Vincent Roberts – Six Grader – St. Joseph’s Middle School, Needham MA

"This morning on the "Today Show" there was a segment entitled Stressed-out Kids. It dealt with the benefits of Yoga to reduce stress in our children so they may learn and retain what they learn in school. The segment also expressed the huge health benefits of yoga for children and adults. With proper instruction our children would thrive with yoga as a means of coping with stress. Judy has been running successful yoga and "Stress-less Workshops" for Adults, children, scouts, and teachers long before it became fashionable. It has been her passion to heal, help and teach young minds to deal with the challenges we all face in our modern society. I have personally experienced Judy's yoga classes. I have been her student and friend for more than 3 years. My wife Linda who is a 2nd grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary School in Franklin Massachusetts and many of her friends have also been taking yoga instructions with Judy for over 3 years. We all highly recommend her as a loving, competent, experienced yoga and Stress-less Workshop Instructor for both children and adults.


- Paul A. Chelman Owner/Operator Enchanted Fox, Inc.

“Judy is truly an artist and visionary in many fields. She has a natural ability to lead that has allowed her to continue to grow in her community as a yoga/healing facilitator. I worked as Judy's assistant for over a year. She respected me as an equal and allowed me to develop my own leadership skills and design skills under her guidance. Not only did I work with Judy, but I was also a client and shared Yoga and healing with her first hand. She opened me up to a regular Yoga practice, spirit singing and Reiki which allowed me to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. Without her mentorship I truly don't believe I would have the confidence I now posses to pursue my own creative and professional endeavors. She inspired me to work in the creative arts when I lacked support from others and she was a model of success in this field. Judy takes on challenges with grace and ease and is a gifted public speaker. I recommend her work without reservation!”

- KT O'Donnell , Friend/Former Colleague



from Westfield & Bridgewater State Colleges

“Excellent – over the top – This all makes a lot of sense. My eyes have definitely been opened.”

- Tiffany, Westfield State College

“Mama Gio is an amazing person and her word needs to be heard by all – Extremely helpful.”

- Matt Lapan, Westfield State College

“Very relaxing and calming” - Gina Simonetti, Westfield

“Made me feel so good after. I felt so relaxed and everything I was stressed about did not matter anymore.” - Elizabeth Sistrand

“This was my first yoga experience and it was fun and stress relieving.”

- Shawn Bailey, Westfield

“Amazing job! Such a great program. It’s amazing how much what you teach helps us. Thank you so much.” - Jenn Fitzgerald, Westfield

“Very informative. A great resource for anyone. It was very helpful!”

- Lewie Cassidy, Westfield

“I feel amazing. Not only my body, but my mind. I really feel like a new person and I am definitely looking at life differently. You are amazing! – I feel so relaxed and like a whole new person.”

- Mary Saghbini, Bridgewater State

“I really enjoyed the conversations we did as a group. It made me less stressed about dealing with my father in the future.”
- Brittany Smith, Bridgewater State College

“Enlightening!!!” - Dave, Bridgewater

“Some of the yoga moves were a little hard, but rewarding. Meditation was amazing!”
-Tia LeBlanc, Bridgewater

“It was a very invigorating experience.” - Jack Dunphy, Bridgewater

“Definitely de-stressed me and brought me back to a calm state.”

- R. Gallagher, Bridgewater State

“Positive, Peaceful, Honest. This workshop centers the soul and mind and brings forth our potential in an effective way.”
- Ian Mick, Bridgewater State College


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