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Welcome to Ben's Challenge

Welcome to Ben’s Challenge. An eight-week immersive challenge aimed to cultivate team spirit and support all students to self-evolve by recognizing the Power of Choice within each of us to make healthier choices and to:

•    Know they are valued.
•    Learn to see the best in others and be positive contributors to society.
•    Take 100% responsibility for their choices through a powerful toolset they will carry forward.  
Additionally, we have developed language inside our presentation to bridge the gap between Neurotypical and Neurodivergent teens called Neuro TD to embrace differences.

This program is geared toward middle and high schools to create a culture of self-awareness, resilience, and community through collaboration and contribution.


It will be of NO COST to bring to your school.

In addition, it is an opportunity to support your school and the non-profit Ben Speaks by raising funds for additional wellness programming to support youth moving forward.  Ben’s Challenge is a fundraiser for your school.  

Our Speakers:
Jason Shea, author, national presenter, Municipal Police Statewide Health and Wellness Coordinator for Massachusetts and coach (science expert) and


Judy Giovangelo, author, national presenter, Founder of Ben Speaks and Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Energy Medicine Healer (energy expert)

If you'd like to learn more about the speakers for this program, Click here.

The Challenge

Week One:  Get Your Body Moving
Week Two:  You Are What You Eat
Week Three:  The Power of Water
Week Four:  Stand Tall
Week Five:  Techno Glitch
Week Six:  Change The Channel
Week Seven:  Random Acts of Kindness
Week Eight:  Practice Gratitude – RAISE YOUR VIBE!

Want to know more about Ben's Challenge? Click here.

Schools or Organizations: If you would like more information or to register for the program, please email Judy at or call 774-233-1128.

Sponsor: If you want to be a sponsor for your school, Click here to view our sponsorship deck.

It is our hope you will consider sponsoring Ben’s Challenge to bring greater resources and funding to your community and  to support our young people at this crucial time in our world. We thank you deeply for your consideration.  



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