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Ben's Challenge

Student Empowerment Curriculum


We have created a powerful presentation called the Power of Choice, including an 8-week challenge called Ben’s Challenge. We aim to cultivate team spirit and support all students to self-evolve through empowerment tools, health and wellness education, and self-actualization. 

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The Power of Choice Presentations

For middle & high school students, teachers, administration, parent & community groups and healthcare providers. - One hour with a 15 minute Q&A session


Many teens struggle with depression, anxiety, ADHD and addictions, causing emotional distress for themselves and people in their life. Identifying that we all struggle in different ways and knowing how to maneuver through life challenges is what ultimately creates a positive change. The Power of Choice presentation empowers all students to take 100% responsibility for their choices, encourages working together collaboratively as a school community and provides a powerful tool set to increase self-esteem & emotional resiliency.  

Ben Speaks’ Founder, Judy Giovangelo, is an award-winning, energetic, and inspirational teacher and healer. She shares a message of hope, positive psychology and tools to reduce stress & grow emotional resiliency in homes, schools and the workplace. She is a voice for change to create a kinder world through empowering others.   

Standing ovations from middle/high school students, along with community groups is a clear indicator that our message is reaching the hearts and minds of our youth. Judy was honored in 2013 with the Be The Change award at the 9th Annual Massachusetts Women’s Conference and A Hero Among Us award from the Boston Celtics for her work. The Power of Choice presentation is fee based and benefits the organization directly.

To learn more about the Power of Choice presentation:
Call 508-640-5550 or email us at

To watch a community  presentation of Judy, click here.

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Power of Choice Presentations


Survive to Thrive

Program & Support Group


The Survive to Thrive Program is offered for youth who have mental health and behavioral health challenges. Ben Speaks’ knows the wide-ranging impact that mental health issues can have on families, and looks to serve as a resource to youth that are impacted by the stigma, volatility, and demands placed on families. This group will provide a nurturing environment to share their unique experienceswith mental health issues, engage in empowering and fun expressive activities; and develop their own skills and resources.

Click here to visit the Survive to Thrive Page for additional information.


Hands & Feet Curriculum

Student Empowerment Curriculum


This program is designed to reinforce the power of intention (goals) in action.  The hand represents the intention each student wants to set, the foot represents the action steps each student is willing to take to bring their intention into reality.

Students in your classroom or community group will write an intention on their hand print and one to three actions on their foot print with a date to complete each action. Pick a theme, or keep it general.  I.e. Health Goals in Health Class, Sports Goals in Physical Education, Life, Environment, Creative or Educational Goals.

Encourage students to plug in to their hearts desires or deepest inspirations or think about how they can make a contribution to the changes needed in our world. This exercise is a great way to start the new year or semester.


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