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Ben Speaks Resource Office

360 Woodland Street, 2nd Floor

Holliston, MA 01746

Phone: 508-640-5550

Resources available by appointment:

​Ben Speaks offers valuable resources to develop and support the whole child and family. We understand that many teens and families struggle today and need multifaceted support programs and resources to become emotionally resilient and mentally sound.

Click here to see a complete list of resources on our Community Partners page.


Survive to Thrive

The Survive to Thrive Sibling Support Group is offered for youth who have siblings with mental health and behavioral health challenges. Ben Speaks’ knows the wide-ranging impact that mental health issues can have on families, and looks to serve as a resource to youth that are impacted by the stigma, volatilities, and demands placed on families. This group will provide children a nurturing environment to share their unique experiences of having a sibling with mental health issues, engage in empowering and fun expressive activities; and develop their own skills and resources.

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Power of Choice Curriculum

(Coming in Fall 2023 - online signature program for parents and teachers)

Ben Speaks is excited to offer a powerful curriculum & tools to help YOU develop skills to thrive and grow.

This curriculum will break down the Super Powers of thoughts, words, feelings and actions to encourage YOU to move one step at a time int the direction of YOUR dreams by accessing your greatest Power....The Power of Choice!!!


Addditional information coming soon!!!

Upcoming Offerings

Coming Soon - Please check back for an updated list.

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