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Are you a Ben, Did you Lose a Ben? Are you Raising a Ben?

This series is designed to speak to parents, teachers, and Ben’s themselves to understand how we can best serve them.  To give them a place to share their stories and shed light on ways we can make a difference for these incredible kids who in my experience are here as change agents for a better world.  However, raising them in our cultural messaging and programming is extremely difficult and, in many ways, harming to these kids.   How can we help them live into their best selves?  What tools do they need?  How are they different from the kids who fit the mainstream model of education?  Can they learn to thrive in an environment that is seemingly toxic to them?  These are some of the questions that we seek to answer in this process of inquiry to those who are closest to them. 

Webinar Videos
Thriving Into Wellness - The Teenager Post Quarantine
Presented by Jennifer Knight-Levine

Jennifer Knight-Levine is the speaker in this webinar.  Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Safe Coalition, Jennifer’s goal was to hear the needs of the community and provide programming for prevention, education, crisis, and recovery opportunities.  This webinar is to help learn new ways to help your teen thrive in this post quarantine landscape.

Stress, Anxiety & Depression in Youth During Covid... Coping, Hope & Resilience
Presented by Dr. Machoian

Dr. Machoian is a national expert in youth mental health, appearing on NBC, ABC, CBS, and in The New York Times, and Cosmopolitan amongst others, but she has dedicated 30 years of her life to supporting and building resilience in youth and families.

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness by Recognizing the Traumatized Soul
Presented by Ann Redelfs, MD

Ann helps her audience recognize trauma in children and access tools to support change!

Brain Balancing for Emotional Resilience
Presented by Pam Formosa

Pam Formosa is a developmental specialist with a masters in occupational therapy and founder of the Brain Fit Academy. Pam provides an informational webinar that provides great insight and tools that you can apply to your everyday life for greater brain health.

The Driving Force of Emotions
Presented by Bretton Torkelson, Psy.D.

Understanding your child's behavior and strategies to thrive in the parenting journey.

Wireless Technology and Its Impact on Mental Health
Presented by CeCe Doucette, MTPW

Today’s wireless technology- our cell phones, routers, wearable, gaming devices, etc, - emits microwave radiation that science links to anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, suicidal ideation and more.


Watch this video to learn about the science and risks, as well as small changes anyone can make to still have technology, but without the toxic radiation.

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