The Survive to Thrive Sibling Support Group is offered for youth who have siblings with mental health and behavioral health challenges living in the home. Ben Speaks’ knows the wide-ranging impact that mental health issues can have on families, and looks to serve as a resource to youth that are impacted by the stigma, volatilities, and demands placed on families. Siblings of family members with mental health needs may experience challenges and disruptions in their own emotional growth and development. This group will provide these youth with a nurturing environment to share their unique experiences of having a sibling with mental health needs, engage in empowering and fun expressive activities, and develop their own skills and resources, so that they may thrive in face of the challenges that they and their families encounter.

  • Group is open to youth ages 9-13 years old, living in MetroWest Massachusetts, who have siblings that struggle with mental health
    and behavioral health issues living in the home.


  • Group sessions will include opportunities for both open and themed discussions, expressive art activities, age appropriate learning about mental health challenges and their impacts on families, and empowerment skills to enhance emotion regulation and effective communication.


  • Group sessions to be held at the Ben Speaks’ Resource Office, 360 Woodland Street – 2nd Floor, Holliston, MA 01746


  • Start Date: Thursday, February 27th @ 6:00-7:30pm
    (No group will be held April 23rd due to School Vacation Week)


  • 10 weeks - 1.5 hours each week
    (parents/guardians are invited to participate in an introduction and closing session)


  • Facilitated by
    Bretton Torkelson, Psy.D. | Michael Giovangelo | Penny Young;
    members of the Ben Speaks’ Board of Directors.


  • Cost: FREE


Survive to Thrive

Sibling Support Group - Screening Questionnaire

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